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Drama Psychotherapy


by Joseph Tanti

Dramatherapist | Lecturer | Creative Artist

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As a drama psychotherapist, I believe that clients are the experts of their life stories while I facilitate these stories to help animate, at a pace and need, required by the client working within a safe place and space.

My working experience includes:

  • Trauma and domestic violence issues.

  • LGBTIQ related issues.

  • Gender, identity and sexuality exploration. 

  • Relationship and marital issues.

  • Educational and career guidance.


Drama psychotherapy sessions are available to children, adolescents and adults.



Since 2013, I have been also involved in Creative Arts Therapies Society Malta ( starting as a student member and later as the treasurer. I have been actively involved in defining the profession of dramatherapy in Malta and the legal recognition of Creative Arts Therapists as Psychotherapists. In 2018 creative arts therapies have been recognised as fully qualified psychotherapists (Maltese Legislation Online). I am also currently the local representative of dramatherapists at the European Federation of Dramatherapists ( since 2017. I have also delivered workshops at the annual EFD conferences based on my research dissertation about reflectivity.


As a psychology lecturer, the health and social care industry is my area of expertise. The creative arts therapies come in handy when applied to research and practice. Apart from introducing psychology to various educational levels, I also tutor and mentor research students focusing on qualitative approaches and the application of the creative arts in research. I firmly believe in rigorous assessing and continuous reflection while processing and analysing research material.





As a creative artist I have been involved in various media but never truly fitted into one category. Apart from the accessibility of the performing arts (theatre and dance) I had the privilege to train in ceramics back in the 1990s although I never had the opportunity to practice it over the years. In 2017, I enrolled myself with strangeface (@strangefaceTC) and surprisingly all of my previous training came very handy. Masks have always intrigued me too and exploring the new medium Worbla I hope to further achieve new creative and therapeutic goals, whichever comes first.

Other creative work I'm involved in so far includes: photoshop image editing (posters, logos, websites etc.) and amateur photography.

My amateur artistic work is purely for personal expression in an effort to explore other deeper ways of self-reflection as a dramatherapist and as an individual. Creative arts have always been a great opportunity for me to share, analyse and become more aware of my own life experiences. 

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